DJ Radical has been an influencer of the local scene, pushing technoid DnB and similar subgenres already since 2003. He has been a promoter and one of the organisers for many known event series, such as Hard Knocks of Drum and Bass, Küte and Robotaanika festival. Additionally to all his performances in Estonia, he has also played abroad and shared the stage with known foreign artists such as Dom & Roland, Submerged, Enduser, Ca2Km, DJ Kain etc.


Your DJ debut:

I think it was 2012. event series 'Küte' at EKKM venue.

Your first influencers / idols:

DJ Conflict and DJ Phibbs definitely. One of my biggest influences is DJ DnD. Additionally I have been influenced in my taste of dnb by Raiden, Propaganda, The Sect and Ca2k. Thanks to these people I am who I am: Katharsys, Pyloni, Soccomi and all the Tilt crew. Also definitely worth mentioning is Goldie.

What attracts you to DnB music?

Rollers, eclectic and neurotic bassline.

What kind of drum'n'bass are you mainly playing in your DJ sets?

Variety of styles (generally heavier and darker vibes).

The most played top3 DnB artists or tracks by you:

BSE 'Arrakis', Corrupt Souls 'Seppuku' ja Seba-Paradox 'Move On'

What should a promoter consider when inviting you to play?

That I will take a few more friends with me.

What should definitely be in your artist's rider?

Two friends and 4 decent beers.

The best / most memorable parties you've played at:

Airport Jam 2011 - We got to take over a set together with DJ DnD from one of the pioneers of the DnB scene - Dom & Roland.
Saaremaa Jam 2020 - festival where I got to play a b2b set with Submerged.

Kõige veidram soovilugu, mida sult on DJ seti ajal küsitud?

'Coco Jambo'

Interesting fan experience:

I was invited to play at someone's home by a fan.

What makes a DJ a good DJ?

If the DJ does not play any requests!

The best advice you have received as a DJ:

Be sober!

Who would you like to collaborate with and / or play b2b in the future?

INSCT, Audio-Käärid, Skiso, Submerged, C.A.2K

Who is your +1?