He is a miscellaneous producer, whose range of music varies from triphop to drum and bass. Getting inspired by forgotten movies and songs, he is cutting from old masterpieces and pasting them to the new form of tunes. Although he has his own trumm and bass solo projects, they have a strong collaboration with Audioholic (since 2009). They share the alias Audiokäärid from which they make jazzy and funky party bangers with the positive vibes. Like his creation is variable, so it is also himself as well: he is one of the founders of Estonian drum and bass record label KLDR, he has been releasing drum and bass compilations Keldrist Kõlab Trummi ja Bassi (altogether 3). He has been organizing several drums and bass events (also streaming events- JazzTv 2010) and is still one of the main promoters of event series Bassiõhtu and Labürint. He has releases under record labels KLDR, Legal Globe and ADM. Also he has performed at several events in and outside of Estonian borders.


How did you get into drum'n'bass?

Thanks to rap music, I started to like drum and bass remixes made out of rap songs. For example Adam F produced rap at the same time as drum and bass, and he made it with style.

What year did you start producing music?

I produced rap songs in 2006 and then a few years later I switched to drums and bass.

Your first drum'n'bass release:

Audiokäärid – Armastus ja Vari, in 2009

Record labels from which your music has been released:

KLDR, Lejal Genes

How do you describe your music?

Cut, sampled and served raw.

What or who inspires you to create music?

Movies and sound design. Forgotten soundtracks - I usually listen to a soundtrack that I’ve forgotten about or something I’ve heard only a few times and then find something new and cool in it like “wow I could make something out of this!”

Which do you think you are more, a DJ or a producer?

An artist!

What would you do differently as an aspiring young producer?

I would go to less parties and concentrate more on creating music than living like a superstar.

Who would you like to collaborate with and / or play b2b in the future?

I would like to collaborate with Bert Prikenfeld and Puuluup.

What should a promoter consider when inviting you to play?

I fit well as the last performer - the mornings are the most awesome to play.

What should definitely be in your artist's rider?

Organizing an event professionally is enough for me. For example if the timelines are thought out and in place, the rest is just a bonus, which comes along.

The best / most memorable parties you've played at:

Bassiõhtu at Patareiv, Bassiõhtu in EKKM, Nicky Blackmarket in club Korter, Diletantide Avangard in Polümeer and every Labürint. All of these events are tied with good vibes and carefully selected music. Karklè festival in Lithuania, it was my first time in front of a very large audience (approx. 10 000 people).

The weirdest song request you've been asked during a DJ set:

“The song, where a girl is singing in an open red car.”

Interesting fan experience:

At Karklè festival, when I made acquaintance with Mr. Woodnote after my set.

Other interests (hobbies):

Collecting video games, books and comics, cult films and sleeping.

Do you prefer to make plans or to be spontaneous?

Spontaneity, although planning spares time and is a more professional approach to executing creation/creativity.

Who's your best friend?

My family

What question nobody should ever ask you?

An autograph - that’s just creepy.